om creations trust


The Om Creations story started in 1991. At a time when there was hardly any awareness about integrating the mentally challenged into the mainstream, a few parents of the young adults from the first batch of S. P. J. Sadhana School realized the need for an organization where their wards could put into practice the skills they had acquired, and thus not only earn a living but also lead a meaningful life.

From the very beginning, we at Om Creations have laid emphasis on product design and stressed upon investment in quality. Our beneficiaries get rewarded a stipend from the day they start.

We have encountered many challenges during our journey. But it only made us more resilient and ready to find innovative solutions to achieve our objectives. Undeterred by short cummings like slow sales, low awareness, lack of space, the need for more volunteers or trained hands, we’ve created a happy, inspiring environment where the young adults can flourish and deliver their best. The journey over the last two decades has not just been about insurmountable hurdles but many momentous milestones along the way.


Re-defining the capabilities of the developmentally challenged

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