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Mrs. Durga Jain (Trustee / Founder Patron)

Mrs. Durga Jain is one of the India’s most active philanthropists and has been a huge part of Om Creations. When she found out that her only daughter Vasundhra , had Down syndrome she did whatever she could to spread awareness and create a place where kids with Down syndrome and multiple disabilities could come together and be a part of a loving community.

Mrs. Jain was solely responsible of initiating Om Creations from her residence 30+ years ago and after crossing many hurdles alongwith with a few likeminded people, achieved a breakthrough. Downs was no more a handicap. Instead they were also being now recognized as contributing members of society and capable of earning a livelihood.

This selfless effort and endeavour paved a way to a new lease of life for many other Down Syndrome and Disabled Children and ultimately, gave birth to Om Creations. Mrs. Jain lost Vasundhra a few years ago but continues to work relentlessly for the organization.

Ms. Durga Jain
Dr Radhika Khanna

Dr. Radhike Khanna (Trustee/Founder)

National Award winner, Dr. Radhike Khanna has been championing the cause of the mentally handicapped with an unwavering focus for the past 20+ years.

As Vice Principal of SPJ Sadhana School, Dr. Khanna has been a pioneer in introducing new methods of teaching and therapy. Her goal has always been to help the children chase their dreams and becoming integral parts of society by making them independent. The school has a 95% employment placement rate which even the largest universities in the world cannot compete with.

More than a guiding figure, she has been a source of hope and inspiration to innumerable special children, their parents, colleagues, volunteers and just about everyone who has interacted with her. Her determination and rare courage has seen her overcome barriers of negativity and the most stubborn mindsets.

Mrs. Thrity Shastri (Founder Trustee)

After a stint in Kenya, Mrs. Shastri returned to India where she worked for Johnson & Johnson for 20 years. She later she retired from her role as the Confidential Secretary to the General Manager – Marketing and Sales, Consumer Products Division.

Having Nilofer who is a Downs‘girl, she too found Om Creations the best that could ever happen. When Om Creations blossomed, along with Dr. Radhike Khanna and Mr. Kersi Kapadia, she joined the organization as a trustee. Assisting Dr. Khanna in various day to day administrative & financial work, she also fulfils duties of a Treasurer. Her daughter Nilofer is one of the brightest in the centre.

Ms. Thrity S. Shastri
Mr. Kesari Kapadia

Mr. Kersi Kapadia (Trustee / President)

Mr. Kersi Kapadia is a professional architect with his own private practice in Mumbai. Educated in London & Mumbai he has been practicing since 1963.

As an active member of society, he was an integral part of setting up OM Creations. He knew a concept like this was in dire need as he saw his daughter, Kamal (a Down Syndrome) who graduated from the SPJ Sadhana School ,needed a vocation for her future. With the help from his fellow trustees Om Creations was created and has been running successfully since 1991. It is recognized amongst prestigious educational institutions, in the country. He hopes to establish future endeavours for the well-being of mentally handicapped young adults.

Mrs. Ranjana Mahadevia

Mrs. Mahadevia graduated from St Xaviers College Mumbai in the year 1978 and is currently employed at the S.P. J. Sadhana School as the H.O.D. of the Hospitality and Catering Department. Previously, she ran a home based business in gourmet food which she put aside to be a part of both the school and OM Creations. She has been a fundamental part of the culinary section and has helped in the promotion of chocolate making. Her students have gone on to get employment in prestigious restaurants and hotels across Mumbai. She’s surely been an example of ‘giving back to society ‘with her generous ways and has attracted many volunteers to share & serve both institutes.


Redefining the capabilities of the developmentally challenged

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