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Sarita (name changed ) is born with cognitive and intellectual disability but has not let that deter her determination. She has taken a positive attitude and wants to do something meaningful with her life. Her father unfortunately passed away when she was very young. Her mother, who is partially retarded, now had the colossal task of bringing up Sarita and other two siblings who are also unfortunately ‘slow’. It was a great struggle to fulfill all their respective needs. The house atmosphere took a turn for the worse with tempers flaring leading to unpleasant arguments. Sarita is a great worker at Om Creations and is a very warm and helpful person. She feels the serenity she misses at home is accomplished at this centre. She comes in with great joy but leaves with a tear in her eye.
Soon she’s going to grow older & at some time will have to make an exit out of the center.
What next? Does she know where her home is thereafter?
Will her brother continue to support & shelter her?
Are her siblings capable of supporting & sheltering her?

Unfortunately, answers to these are bleak.
There are in Om Creations many girls who would be nurturing the same thought in their minds but who are incapable of expressing it.
Their parents are old and won’t be there long.
Conflicts & insecurities are building up & this poses a threat to the hard toil & labour undertaken transforming from dependent to independent individuals.

Combating NIMBYism: “Not in My Back Yard” -

NIMBYism is a term that is used to describe opposition from neighbors to the development or acquisition of a group home occupied by individuals with special needs. People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD’s) who are planning to move into a group home are often directly targeted by NIMBYism.

Sarita and her friends cannot be victims. Hope continues & the vision of OM HOME begins …we are now trying to build that home, better than their home, safe, secure & serene.

From self motivation to self construction, from bridging to overcoming fears & apprehensions, from living with freedom to living with dreams, every moment to cherish, every moment to feel life is worth living. A little self contained community engaging them in various vocational activities from farming to grazing, to anything that gives them sheer contentment, we wish to provide it all.
And then maybe sometime, somewhere up in the sky we may see few extra stars gleam high!
Our mission is accomplished!

Redefining the capabilities of the developmentally challenged

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